AGM 2023 Minutes


Norfolk Broads Yacht Club Limited

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Friday 6th October 2023

Commodore Ruth Knight asks all to stand for “A minute’s silence for our members who have died during the last year including “Ivan Ringwood, John Ringwood, Sam Alexander, Malcolm Watt, Jill Tallowin, Debbie Lampert, Patricia Landamore, Tony Marcantonio, Alan Mitchell, Elizabeth Bryan, Kingsley Farrington”

Ruth Knight – The sense of support given to the bereaved families from the membership this year has been a true indication on how much care and support exists within the club


A list of apologies was given and noted by Claire Lund

Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting 

Ruth Knight – Can I take these as agreed and signed? 

All agree.

3 Commodore’s report

Ruth Knight – I feel that the title of this report is inaccurate as I am now expected to let you have a review of my year, when in fact this is really a review of a team effort and none of the following would be possible without an amazing army of volunteers and support from the staff of the club.


The racing group have worked hard to provide us with a full programme with lots of trophies and points to be sailed for. You’ll be pleased to hear that the club now has a digital record of all trophies.

Our dedicated timekeepers have excelled yet again, they have enjoyed their new chairs and have mastered the use of the new digital clocks, even to the point of asking for a second set to be installed. This is high praise indeed.

Whilst there have been some weekends with little competition on the water, the open meetings have been fairly well attended and Wroxham Week saw plenty of entries. In fact, there were over 1,900 boats that turned up at the start line during Wroxham Week!

A challenge for the racing group next year will be to entice more sailors on the water at a club weekend so that they outnumber the volunteers in the box.

The Broadland Youth Regatta was held at the club last month, we had 77 boats and 84 sailors and virtually no wind to speak of. During the morning, all the sailors had fun messing about on and in the water while attempting to stay cool and there were 2 races in the afternoon. The club was well supported with generous sponsorship and volunteering from our members and visiting clubs. We even have had lots of compliments on how friendly the club is. 


This year a small social group assisted by a friends of social action group put together a smaller number of events which were almost all very well supported. Wednesday and Friday nights still remain popular, the Sunday Carvery has been a success and the quality of food and service at all the events has been superb. 

The highlights for me was the transformation of the clubhouse to a pirate ship and the talk on the Gloucester by Julian Barnwell. I received lots of compliments on the club supper, one from a past commodore who told me that it was the best club supper he’d been to since his year!

During the year £1000 has been raised for the Benjamin Foundation and £800 for the Macmillan charity.



The training group have done a phenomenal job this year and have had a successful Easter Sailing school attracting 60 children. There were 150 sailors on the two cadet weeks in the summer. This would not be possible without our Chief Instructor, Ruth Owen and numerous Instructors and volunteers, we owe our thanks to all those who assist in preparing, maintaining the boats as well as those who provide the training.

The training wayfarers have been sold, as they were not being used and having been allowed funding from the club and the 200 club, 3 further Fevas have been purchased. This has been much appreciated by our young sailors as it gives them the opportunity for experience in double handers. 

Training are now in the process of upgrading our elderly topper fleet, they now have 4 newer boats and hope to replace the 2 remaining older boats early next season. We should be proud of the training that is given at NBYC, many of our young sailors have been selected for squad training and have represented the Club both nationally and internationally.

Two of our youth members won the Firefly Nationals. Will Pank and his crew came fifth at the FX world junior championship in Germany and will be competing in the 49er European Championship in Portugal in November and at the worlds in Lanzarote early next year. We have several of our instructors who are now teaching abroad, namely Rhodes and Bermuda. 

Training is not just for juniors and the early season race training in Yeoman’s was successful and there are currently some autumn sessions taking place. Power boat level two courses for adults and juniors have been popular throughout the season. 


The relationship that the club have with our affiliate members has gone from strength to strength. The UEA have continued to use the club and hosted their first UEA team racing event in February with another one planned for next month.

Norwich School hosted the British Schools Dinghy Racing Association Finals at NBYC.

This event was over two days during the week and was supported by 12 different schools from around the country, 40 teams, 200 sailors and 350 races lasting only 6 minutes!

I must say that I had no idea how much was involved with an event of this size and was very thrilled to hear that our club is considered to be perfect for a team racing as we have stadium conditions for spectators. It even helped that we earned £6k from the event.

One regional SUP racing event was held last winter with a further three planned for the near future, you are all invited to spectate or even take part. No doubt you will have seen the racers practicing their skills on the Broad. 

The Norwich Sea Scouts and Go Paddle have helped to get more children onto the water this year. 

We are looking forwards to welcoming Snowflakes as our latest affiliate member and wish them all the best for their first season. As a NBYC member, you will be very welcome to come down to the club during the winter to watch or buy a bacon roll, however, if you do wish to sail in the Snowflakes series of races, you will need to join Snowflakes. 

My thanks go to Bob as our affiliate liaison for keeping track of making sure all our affiliates are welcome and they behave themselves!


I must say that the projects group has had a very successful year, there are probably too many things to mention here, but I must say that John and his merry men have certainly made lots of improvements to the club. The extension of the trailer park and the extra pressure in the showers has been very welcome. All of the projects team have enjoyed themselves and this is a credit to John’s leadership and enthusiasm. 

One of the projects which is nearing completion is the new club website, we are hoping to launch this soon and it will hopefully make things easier for our members and visitors to find out what is happening during the year. 

I must conclude by saying that I have enjoyed my year as Commodore, I have had lots of compliments from members and visitors saying how much they have enjoyed their time at the club. One of my mottos has been sharing is caring and I would just like to acknowledge my thanks to all of the volunteers who have put so much time and effort into helping my year be enjoyable and fun.

I would also like to thank James for his help and support during my year as Commodore, he didn’t volunteer but he has been quite helpful. 

Changes to membership categories / Discounts

At last year’s AGM the committee were asked to consider introducing a new category for single parents. I would like to let you know that we have looked at the options for this, discussed it for over 2 hours and were unable to come up with a workable solution.

However, we do recognise the financial pressures on younger members and their families and with this in mind, we have adjusted the ages within some of the categories to make it more appealing. In order to achieve this, we have had to balance this out with a reduction on the discounts given. 

It is hoped that the option to pay monthly will still be appealing to our members as this will help them to spread the cost.

4 Receive the financial statements for the 13 months ending 31st Dec 2022 – all agreed.

5 Treasurer’s Report

Martin Jones presents the figures from last year…

First job is to look at the accounts from last year. These are for 21st July 2021 – 31st Dec 22. Trading is for 13 months. Assets where only transferred on the 1st of Dec. 

What you have on your chairs is the profit and loss, balance sheet and schedule to detailed accounts. 

Profit & Loss

It shows our income for 13 months, turnover £580, 894. Operating profit is £47,597. To which we add bank interest of £507. Profit before tax of £48,104. 

Other operating income of £4k of which is our final covid grant. Overall we have received £91,500 of Covid relief over the years. That has enabled us to do things we wouldn’t have been able to do. 

Details of income and expenditure. The table below also gives you the predicted figures for 2023. 


2022 (actual, for 13 months)

2023 (predicted)




Affiliation Fees 



Mooring Fees



Car Park





£163,000 (£47k taken in 1 week)

Race Fees 


£9,009 (less boats on water outside of WW)

Training Income



Misc. Income






 Schedule to the detailed accounts 

Admin exp – staff salaries look odd, as it was for 13 months. In current year it will be 93k 

Light and heat from 33k in 2022 will be roughly the same in 2023. We locked in a good price of light and heat which is fixed until 2025. 

Depreciation has changed – was showing £45,670 , in 2023 we predict it will be £51k.

Irrecoverable is a bit of a lottery – think it will be roughly 23k. 

Balance sheet 

Tangible assets: £251,344 (inc. 133k of additions which we made in the 13 month period)


Quay heading: 64k 

In total we had net assets: £147,182

Balance sheet total assets: £398,516

Accounts have been approved by the directors, filed to companies house and sent to inland revenue. Treasurer proposed, seconded by Anne Richardson. All approved.

So for 2023, we are 9 months through the year, so three months to go. 

595k in turnover 

Subscriptions have stayed level, we lost 27 adult members so that account for the difference. 

Moorings higher

Training higher

Racing higher

Catering higher – this went from 145k to 163k, food has been very good, but of course this year there are increase costs. 

The increased costs have happened right across the club. Private events have helped to get the figure where it is though. 

The pressure everyone feels for WW is costly. Paul said the timekeepers were under massive pressure. 30% of our catering income (47k) is taken in a week. This year, people were paddling fast to keep up. We had a problem; in that we were promised catering staff and it didn’t happen. We had to use expensive agency staff instead. 

The cost of that will show in the 2023 numbers, there will be a review to show how we can handle that better. Our steam oven also broke, just before Wroxham Week. We had to replace it with a second hand one and would have to do it quickly. They managed to replace it in just 4 day, in the nick of time for Wroxham week. Because of all this, the catering costs have gone through the roof. Overall costs up 50K. Direct costs are likely to rise by 16k, mainly due to a gap in staffing last year. 

Salaries show an increase, as we had a few months with only two members of staff in the office for most of last year and have had three in there this year. 

Capital expenditure in 2022 was 133k invested, in 2023 we expect 136k to be invested- completing the piling of the west side of the basin. 

Turning to 2024, PY and I have done a budget for next year. Things will rise again with the way things are going. Will show a surplus of £15k to £20k. Discount for senior members, change from 25% to 20%, to bring in line with other clubs. 

Any questions?

Andrew Musgrave – In your report you make no mention of Snowflakes. What might be the financial benefits of snowflakes? 

Martin Jones- Responded with, Won’t be a huge amount as it will only be for three months. There will be mooring fees but no idea how many.

Kate Bangham – Could we keep the bar open on a Sunday during the winter. Members might well come down and watch snowflakes compete and might make some money for the club. 


John Reid – Responded with: We are looking for a partnership where both clubs can benefit. We will not make a lot of money this year but will help long term. A slow burn project. There is a lot of requests for the bar for members all through the winter. We are doing everything we can to make that happen. All income over the bar will be NBYC, though the galley will go to Snowflakes, as it will be their responsibilities. We would like to do Sunday lunches etc, in the meantime we will try to get the bar open. So support it and it will stay open. We can pay for staff if it isn’t supported.

6 Changes to the membership categories

Ruth Knight – At last year’s AGM we were asked for a single parent’s category for members, we haven’t been able to do this but have tried to make it easier for younger people and their families to afford to come here. To do this we have had to decrease the discount that senior members will get to fund this. We hope that paying monthly will also help people to stay members. Has everyone seen the membership categories. All have seen. 

7 Subscriptions, categories, and rates proposed by Heather Evans.

Subscriptions, categories, and rates seconded by Mark Absalom

A vote was taken on subscriptions, categories, and rates…

Votes in favour 60. Votes against 0. Abstentions 4.

8 Directors, Officers and Committee for 2023/2024

Election of new Commodore John Reid

Ruth Knight delighted to nominate John Reid as Commodore

Bob seconds the proposal with a speech in support.

All in favour

John Reid made a short acceptance speech

Election of new Vice Commodore Beth Campbell

John Reid delighted to nominate Beth Campbell as Vice Commodore

Ruth Knight seconded this nomination with a speech in support.

All in favour

Beth Campbell made a short acceptance speech

Election of Rear Commodore Sally Dugdale

Beth Campbell delighted to nominate Sally Dugdale as Rear Commodore 

John Reid seconds this nomination with a speech in support.

All in favour

Sally Dugdale made a short acceptance speech

Election of Treasurer Elect (interim)

Bob Payne – stands to thank Martin Jones for his service as treasurer with the following speech…

The role of a treasurer in any organisation is critical, but it becomes exceptional when faced with the formidable obstacles posed by a global pandemic. Martins’ financial acumen and dedication, success guided our club through the turbulent waters of that time. He meticulously managed our finances – finding and securing every element of government support available, ensuring that we remain solvent and resilient during a time when many organisations faced financial straits. Consequently, we have been able to reduce a significant backlog of capital spending on replacement and repair.

Furthermore. Martin played a pivotal role in the complex process of incorporating our sailing club. His expertise in financial matters, along with his deep understanding of the legal and social intricacies involved. was instrumental in facilitating a smooth transition. Incorporation not only safeguards the club’s future but also opens up new opportunities for growth and development, all of which can be attributed to Martins tireless efforts.

As he steps down, we extend our heartfelt thanks for his exceptional service, dedication, and the legacy of financial stability and growth that he leaves behind. We must also thank Gilly for her patience and tolerating the significant time commitment the role requires. I am sure she will be pleased to have him back.

John Reid delighted to nominate Paul Youngs as Treasurer (interim)

Beth Campbell seconded this nomination

All in favour

Paul Youngs accepts this position however asserts it will be for just one year. 

Election of Timekeepers 

John Reid delighted to propose Anne Richardson, Nicky Talbot and Jenny Payne and thanked them for all they do at NBYC

Ruth Knight seconded this proposal 

All in favour

The following were appointed as Directors of NBYC for 2023/2024; 

Flag Officers, Treasurer, Mark Absalom, Rose Angell, Geoff Evans, Heather Evans, Nick Gill, Richard Lord, Brian Wilkins, Paul Wren, Bill Knight, Rob Ferrier-Hanger, Graham Waring

No need for a vote as maximum Committee numbers were not reached this year.

Ruth Knight thanks members who have not sought re election.

9 Confirmation of representatives for the RYA and NSBA 2023/2024 Committee

  1. The Commodore thanked our RYA representative Sally Dugdale who is happy to continue in 2024
  1. The Commodore stated that the representatives to the NSBA, as is the norm will be, Commodore and the Chairman of the Sailing Committee

10 Confirm appointment of M & A Partners LLP as Reporting Accountants for the period to 31st December 2023 and authorising the Directors to agree their remuneration. 

11 Any Other Business

Two questions submitted ahead of time

Q1 From Linda Aspland: I hope that you will discuss the policy applied to the visit to the visitors mooring. Last Sunday when it was extremely windy, we needed to go head to wind to hoist the sails on the Yeomen prior to the race. With a very strong southerly wind, the northern side of the Long Jetty and the visitors, mooring would have been the ideal place for us. Two large cruisers were blocking the whole of the area because they were side on and the long jetty was blocked by two ribs. We were unable to hoist in time to sail. One particular cruiser blocks this area every weekend and does not pay for the privilege. I have mentioned this before, but those of us who do pay for our moorings feel very aggrieved about the situation and are also concerned for the people who are out on the swing moorings who do not have that luxury of shore access, despite paying. I urge you very strongly to change the policy please.

A1 Ruth Knight – This is something the committee are aware of and looking at making a change next year. Potentially moving to a fair usage policy at the start of next season. 

Q2 From Andrew Musgrave: The improvements to the club webcam are significant and welcome, but can we please have two additional cameras offering a view towards the Jubilee basin and down Dicker dock. These would provide members with the opportunity to check on their boats and provide some further security.

A2 Ruth Knight- This is going to be put toward the committee for next year. 

Further questions raised at the meeting

Ruth Knight – “All items raised will be taken into consideration but will be referred to the first meeting of the new Committee”

Peter Pank; It would be nice to know who the new members of the club are.

  1. Ruth Knight responded; We do have to be careful with data protection, but we will look at what we can do.

Debbie Kemp; Really hard to record in the box during Wroxham Week, can it be looked at? 

  1. Ruth Knight responded; Timekeepers are looking into possible solutions alongside the racing committee.

John Reid added; to give you and idea of what we will be trying, the left hand side of the box will be reorganised so there can be two sets of recorders to make it easier

Peter Pank; We need a better webcam, can this happen? 

  1. Ruth Knight responded; There is a review happening, but the camera has already been improved. We will take it to the next management meeting. 

Benny Harston; Could everyone that joins the club just do one voluntary thing? 

  1. John Reid responded; Volunteering will be my personal crusade next year. We are forming a new committee with a focus on volunteering. Please do take into consideration that lots of members have given lots of time already, so we need to work on the new members, It will be a strong focus for next year. 

Geoff Evans also responded; it has been my job to find volunteers for race duties this year, why do racers feel they are unable to help in the box. Don’t wait to be asked, come forward and volunteer. The people doing it now have been doing it for centuries. Please think about supporting the racing. The racing is what this club is here for. We need people to support our racing. You can all do it!

Robert Richardson also responded; In support of Geoff Evans, it is an interesting challenge up in the box. Please do get involved. It is really quite fun and not as terrifying as people make out. 

Tim Barnes; My experience this year of the keel boat racing has been very unexciting. It’s a mess. I suggest the 3pm slot should go back and the 2pm race be just for one class. I’d prefer to have one good race with space rather than two bad experiences. Can the racing committee please look at rearranging the programme.

  1. Ruth Knight We will absolutely look at this in the next management meeting, and I know the racing committee have been looking at attendance to help with planning next year programme already.

Ruth Knight declares the meetings closed. 

John Reid– we can’t finish here without mentioning how brilliant you have been Ruth. So many people thought this was the best Wroxham Week ever, and that was down to you. Really enjoyed the time with you.

Beth Campbell– Well done Ruth, look out for the clipboard, it will continue! You are a hard act to follow but we will do our best.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 7.35pm


Ruth Knight, Commodore