GDPR 2018 Compliance Statement

 GDPR 2018 Compliance Statement.


What is happening?
You will be aware of the new regulations coming into force on May 25th regarding the your access  to and the use of your data by commercial and non commercial organisations: .
Why is it important?
NBYC does not share your membership data with other organisations for any purpose, so the most significant issues are of your consent for the club to store your data and your access to it so as to review and make amendments to what is held.
What is your route to your data?
As an existing member the NBYC Membership Portal, accessible via: is your route to finding what membership data is held and is of course available 24/7. If you have not done so already then setting up an account will allow you to access and amend your data at any time.
Consent by positive action.
The GDPR 2018 requires a high standard of consent and specifies that a ‘tick box’ is not sufficient: You are able, through the membership portal, to easily meet the requirements of access, erasure, rectification, amendment and restriction being able to fully control at will. NBYC is providing you with a simple system that ensures the club is fully compliant with the requirements of the GDPR 2018 regulations. The Officers and Management Committee would ask all members, who have not already done so, to set up an account at their earliest convenience.
IT developments.
The Management Committee have in hand a project adopting an IT management system to improve the physical security of club premises and increase the range of options available to members to control and use their membership accounts. You will be offered the chance to use convenient financial facilities for such as paying fees and using club facilities. Signing up for these facilities will require the club to have access to limited financial information and you can expect to be asked to consent to the club holding this as and when you choose to take up the option.
The NBYC Data Management Officer is the NBYC Office Manager. If you have any questions regarding this email please direct them to