Volunteering on Dutyman


Volunteering for a duty in Dutyman is really easy to do.

  • Access Dutyman from the NBYC website homepage (top right corner).
  • Enter your login details and click the green arrow.
  • If you now click ‘List View’ you will see the upcoming events and the duties that still need volunteers.
  • You will see the duties that need volunteers.
  • To Volunteer click ‘Volunteer for a Duty’ and follow the instructions. Simply put, you click the  blue icon next to ‘Volunteer Required’ then ‘Volunteer’. Dutyman icon

And that’s it. You will receive an email confirming the duty details. You will also be sent useful reminders prior to the duty as well.

If you have any queries, please contact the office via email on hello@nbyc.co.uk

Weather Station

Weatherlink Live

Our weather station has recently been upgraded and is now fully functioning. It can be viewed in the clubhouse and via the website.

To view summary live info, the weather forecast and to find details on how you can access the full weather station dashboard, click here: https://www.nbyc.co.uk/weather/

GoCardless Payments


Why GoCardless?

We sometimes get asked why we use GoCardless to manage our online payments. The answer is security.

When you link your WebCollect account to GoCardless:

  • No card data is stored on our servers at NBYC.
  • No card data is stored on WebCollect Servers.
  • When you enter your details, you are using the GoCardless servers.
  • This data is encrypted at rest and in transit using strong encryption protocols.
  • All transactions are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee so if anything goes wrong with a transaction, payers are entitled to an instant refund.

Who are GoCardless?

GoCardless process more than $20bn in transactions a year.

They are authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 and has been ISO27001 certified since 2016.

You will find more details here and their security measures here

Additional benefits to you

You link your WebCollect account when you pay your first transaction with GoCardless.

From this point on, you can easily pay for events, training, race entry, subscriptions and moorings etc without having to fumble for your debit card.

With your permission, the office can take a payment on your behalf – similar to phoning up and reading out your card details (but more secure!).

For peace of mind, every transaction is acknowledged to you instantly via email. In the unlikely event of a non-authorised payment being taken you have up to 5 days to cancel that transaction.

Benefits to NBYC

We benefit from a secure, seamless payment integration into our systems helping reduce errors and increase efficiency.