2017 Trophy Winners

Coronation Trophy Tim Frary/Stella
Buckworth Challenge Cup Team Meggie/Meggie
Forester Cup Hiugh Ferrier/Goldfish
Fife Balderstone Challenge Trophy Anthony Landamore/Matilda
Fantome Trophy Richard Smith/Alchemy
Eastwood Trophy Richie Dugdale
Hugh Batchelor Cup Will Pank/Pink Panther
Apollo Trophy Chris Bunn/Fox
Hayes Challenge Cup Ian Tims/Scarlet Admiral
Jubilee Challenge Cup Chris Bunn/Fox
H.C. Bolingbroke Challenge Bowl Paul Carrington/Lunar
Sir Henry Holmes Trophy Simon Whipp/White Admiral
N.B.Y.C. Flag Officers Trophy David Talbot/Red Admiral
Martin Cup 1912 Ian Tims/Scarlet Admiral
Dolle Cup Ian Tims/Scarlet Admiral
Second W.L. Clabburn Trophy Stuart Rix/Cinamon Twist
Hugh Rudd Trophy Sam Woodcock/Mallard 2
Club Challenge Cup David Talbot/Red Admiral
Diamond Jubilee Gold Challenge Cup Ian Tims/Scarlet Admiral
Ralph Watling Salver Nick Truman/Golden Eye
Namah Challenge Trophy Mike Collins/Periwinkle
Yare Sailing Club Challenge Cup Visitor – Glen Curtis
Marks Cup Geoff Coulthard/Wild Duck
Percival Challenge Cup Mike Collins/Periwinkle
Kigwema Trophy Sam Woodcock/Mallard 2
Tidcombe Salver Jimmy Tubby/Marsh Harrier
W.L. Clabburn Yeoman Trophy Bill Webber/Swift
John M.H. Wilson Challenge Cup Bill Webber/Swift
Yeoman Trophy Bill Webber/Swift
Landamore Trophy Bill & Diana Webber/Swift
Garrincha Cup Tom Thwaites/Red Bomber
Raymond Page Challenge Cup Tom Thwaites/Red Bomber
Stevenson  Cup (Open) Chris Hanson/Fenella
Wroxham Broad Wayfarer Trophy Paul Barker
Wayfarer Challenge Cup (Russell Trophy) Jenny Whiting/Big Blue
N.B.Y.C. President’s Challenge Cup J Cox/Adonis
Wroxham Sailing Match 1823 Cup Chris Hanson/Fenella
Wroxham Sailing Match 1813 Cup Tom Thwaites-Cole/Duke of Burgundy
Third Stracey Trophy Sam Woodcock/Mallard 2
Duckling Challenge Trophy Oscar Tatum/Dobby
Commodore’s Cup Chris Hanson/Fenella
Norfolk Broads Star Fleet Championship Trophy Nick Eastwood/Jolly Good
N.B.Y.C. Yeoman Trophy (Wroxham Broad Dinghy Team Cup – Open) Bill & Dianna Webber/Swift
N.B.Y.C. “64” Trophy (1994) M Holmes/White Spirit
Sparkle Trophy 1909 Chris Hanson/Fenella
Wroxham Regatta Clock M Collins/Periwinkle
Crocq Cup Michael Holmes/White Spirit
Anglia Television Trophy Team Meggie/Meggie
Stewart Morris Shield Paul Carrington/White Ermine
Rodney Shields (Memorial) Trophy Brigit Shields-Farrant/Segui La Stella
Blue Nun Trophy Simon Whipp/White Admiral
Rock Salt Cellar Sue Funnell/Marmoress
Star Barometer/Evening Points Trophy Tim Haines/Hooligan
Achievement Challenge Cup Nick Hovey/Moonshadow
Yare & Bure Sailing Club Spoons Visitor – Glen Curtis/Penelope Jane
Pank Optimist Trophy Jemima Gotto/White Star
Percival Memorial Trophy Chris Bunn/Fox
N.B.Y.C. “88” Trophy (1994) Simon Whipp/White Admiral
Peanut I.S.C.Y.R.A. Challenge Bowl Henry Whipp/Zoe Eastwood – Hooligan
Yeoman Jubilee Challenge Cup Bill & Diana Webber/Swift
Challenge Winch Anthony Landamore/Matilda
Barry Knox Memorial Trophy Matt Ellis/Alder Kitten
Moth Bowl Willam Pank/Yuassa
Optimist Trough Jago Bucher/Lottie
Bishop Aubrey’s Crook Ian Tims/Storm
Ocean View Ladies Wayfarer Challenge Trophy (Creamer)  Tim Haines/NYX
Topper Tankard Sebastian Gotto
Nancy Oldfield Trust Trophy Sue Funnell/Marmoress
Wroxham Sailing Match 1837 Cup Gary Ross/Topaz
Moore Optimist Trophy Tom Thwaites/Red Bomber
Buttercup Centenary Trophy Nick Matthews/Starlight Lady
Lady Trophy Hilary Franzen/Martlett
Tyrrell Trophy Laura Timms/Scarlet Admiral
Yeoman Silver Jubilee Cup Paul Barker/Brandy Bottle
Peacock Trophy Simon Whipp/White Admiral
Hamlet Shield George Davies
Oppy Salver Ellie Thwaites
Jimmy Clabburn Broads OD Trophy Steve Batson/Swallow
Top Titfer Charlotte Knight/Scorpion
Fathers’ Day Trophy Len Funnell//Skylark
Alex Campbell Trophy J Campbell/Kittiwake
First Dinghy Shield Joshua Means/The Beast
Neil Rushton Memorial Picture Lucy Riley/Big Blue
Mascall Mug Roger Lambourne/Argent
Endurance Trophy Charles Bellamy/Little Blue
Contract Personnel Crew’s Race Trophy Bernard Woodcock/Whereabout
Funnell Trophy Tim Frary/Stella
Laser Trophy Nathan Ackroyd/No Name
Batson Challenge Cup Hugh Ferrier/Goldfish
NBYC Broads One Design Challenge Cup (The Horsey Sweepstakes 1814 Cup) Danny Tyrrell/Harnser
White Moth Wherry Challenge Cup Tim Barrett/Kite
Wroxham Sailing Match 1814 Cup Richie Dugdale/Gallium Hawk
Laser Compass Trophy (Yeomans) Henry Whipp/Whipp-it
Nieuwpoort Splash Vase 2004  Sam Woodcock/Mallard 2
Don Cup Anthony Landamore/Matilda
Simon Kremer Memorial Trophy Geoff Angell/Pippa
Maidie Centenary Trophy Mike Barnes, Maidie
Goshawk Trophy Jenny Riley/Oyster Catcher
The Satyr Trophy Chris Tuckett/Amaryllis
Wyche Tankard 1950 John Atkinson
Wyche Tankard 1956 Bruce Thompson
Wyche Tankard 1950 (black plinth) Nathan Ackroyd/No Name
Achievement 75th Anniversary Bowl Richie Dugdale
Moth Cup (2008) Richard Smith
Lady Caroline NBYC Trophy (2008) Tim/Frary/Stella
Mancuna (1934) Trophy Will Bentall/Forester
Clementi-Smith Trophy (Norfolk O.D.) Points Cup 1939 Geoff Coulthard/Wild Duck
Brighton Model Yacht Owen Angell
June Trafford Trophy Matthew Frary/Penny
Chris Wilson Roger Wilson/Halcyon
Stewart Clarke Endeavour Trophy Lizzy Ford
Vice Commodores Cup Nathan Ackroyd, No Name – Solo
Derek Jennings Trophy Paul Carrington/White Ermine
MacNamara Youth Finlay Campbell
Clabburn Optimist Trophy Tom Thwaites/Red Bomber
Clabburn Optimist Trophy ( Jemima Gotto/White Star
The Linton Hope Trophy J Tubby/Marsh Harrier
Commodores Barometer Anthony Landamore
Khambatta Trophy Maddies Smith/Peregrine
Chadd Trophy Milo Clabburn/Flittermouse
Mam’zelle Trophy Sam Woodcock/Mallard 2
Aremajay James Cully/No Name Solo
Mackley Trophy Team Meggie/Meggie
Waterman’s Race Patrick Richardson, Vanessa
Bobby Stevenson Memorial Cup Pat Woodcock.Whereabout
Tillett Goblet Paul Barker/Brandy Bottle
WH Green Silver Claret Jug Geoff Angell/Pippa
Blake’s Cup   (Wroxham Regatta 1973 Cup) Stu Rix/Penguin
Wroxham Regatta Cup 1980 for Lasers William Penny/No Name – Radial
Silver Washed Challenge Vase Ian Tims/Scarlet Admiral
Juniors Challenge Cup (PG Smith) Maddie Smith/Blueberry
Stevenson Challenge Cup Daisy Clabburn, Coco
BOD WORC Ladies Trophy Benny Harston/Puffin
Sir Robert Price Trophy Richie Dugdale/Gallium Hawk
Leslie Landamore Cup Janet Barker/Brandy Bottle
Arnold Roy Challenge Cup Laura Tims/Scarlet Admiral
Vela Olympic Trophy Zoe Eastwood/Empress